John Hewitt Summer School


On Thursday 26th July, I’ll read alongside the incomparable David Wheatley at the John Hewitt Summer School in Armagh. Which is very exciting, not only because duh David Wheatley, but also because the JH Summer School is one of the coolest literature events going. It has a bursary scheme designed to enable all sorts of participation that wouldn’t happen otherwise:

“The Bursary Scheme creates opportunities for those who would not otherwise be able to attend the Summer School to participate in discussions and debates around building a stronger shared community in post-conflict NI. It is a core belief of the Society that engagement in discussions and debate on a civic society should be made available to all. Successful applicants will receive accommodation in Armagh for five nights, breakfast and refreshments and ticket entry to all Summer School events.”

The bursary scheme is open to residents of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain over the age of 18. You can apply for a bursary here.

You can book tickets for our reading here.

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